Open Tools

Open Tools

Commercial design tools at full price have always been expensive. A full suite of even the basic tools can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. The fact is that the only way the common man and thus the common designer, institutions and schools, can access these is either through software piracy or by getting it at a huge discount through a donation or subsidy program. There is another way. Over the years free open tools have caught up with commercial offerings in allowing individual and businesses access to powerful basic design.

Most people in countries like India do not even have the internet bandwidth to download and install tools themselves. We have therefore created the Open Design Live DVD which is a compilation of tools and tutorials that can run without complicated installation (using virtualization and thin layer OS) on even older computers.

Estimated Date of Launch: We expect the Live DVD V.1 to be available on the 30 of January 2014, and physical distribution to start in February 2014.

Help Sponsor the Live DVD:

The overhead costs of creating and producing the DVD is being provided by the Svran Foundation. We need help in funding the production and distribution logistics. Please click here to donate. Every bit counts.

Sponsoring a production run of 5000+ DVDs would allow us to put the sponsoring person's / body's name on the DVD as well as on the top right corner of the home screen of the tools. This is great way to reach out to young people who are interesting in design.

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