Open Knowledge

The Internet started a teaching-learning revolution in design by allowing everyone access to tutorials, videos, and classes for free. Designers and educators around the world continue to upload a massive amount of content. Given the deluge of content, much of it of low quality, there is a need for structure and to curate to enable beginners to gain a foot hold into the world of design. Further, even if the information is freely available, those who need it most may not be aware of its existence or its possible impact to their lives and to our world.

We have distilled this to three current projects:

  1. The Curate Project - Collect, structure and publish knowledge, specifically fundamentals and major tutorials. The product will be put in our Live DVD project, and widely distributed. Our initial goal is 10,000 copies. (Click here to Suggest, and here to Donate)
  2. The Field Knowledge Project - Send out volunteers with design experience to go take workshops in design to schools and communities. (Click here to Volunteer, and here to Request a volunteer)
  3. Train the trainers - We are committed to train 1,000 school teachers in basic design principles indirectly impacting 200 students each = 1,000 * 200 = 200,000 students. (Click here to donate and help us reach out)

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