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If your organization believes in the transformational power of design across all fields and disciplines, you should join our cause, together we make an immediate difference. The commitment can be as low as forwarding volunteer material to employees and partners, and as large as helping us implement our goals with monetary and logistics support.

Click here to sign up your company or organization to become an institutional partner.

Prerequisites to become an institutional partner:
  1. Commitment to great design in products and services.
  2. A desire to have high impact on the ground.
  3. A willingness to participate and contribute.
Examples of contribution
    1. Time of your employees to hold workshops for students in schools and colleges.
    2. Monetary contribution towards one of our specific projects.
    3. Donate in kind, computers, DVDs, we can always use more electronic help.
    4. Tutorials, software, licenses that can be distributed to students for free.
    5. Expertise work with us to upscale one of our projects.

We understand that individual institutions have mandates of their own, and we are flexible to ensuring that everyone achieves their needed goals.

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