Ask for Help

You are not alone. In the wonderful journey to learn and gain the benefits of great design sometimes a helping hand is needed to get started or to move forward. There are thousands of people who have spent long years understanding the design processes and have gained a great understanding on how to create brilliant products and services. If you are a school, college, club or community that could use the help of these people, from a small intervention like a one hour workshop, to a larger scale interaction, click here for signing up to become a member, and start engaging with our wonderful volunteers.

How does it work?

At the beginning of every month we mail a list of all volunteers in a local city to those who have asked for help and vice-verca. This allows both volunteers and communities to reach out to each other depending on the intervention or help they require or want to provide. We strongly suggest knowledge interventions such a workshops, but volunteers have been known to aid communities with their design needs.

Take Action!